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Learn more about how we began and the story behind the name BraLounger.


My clothing line is designed for the woman who wants to look good and feel luxurious while relaxing and entertaining at home or out and about. My motivation behind starting the line was that I could not find anything comfortable, elegant and stylish that I wanted to wear after getting home from work. I wanted to take off my bra that had the underwire cutting the side of my breast all day and put on a comfortable top. However, that required me to put on a different, more comfortable bra under a basic tee with some sweat pants. I wanted to look cute and be comfortable while relaxing at home, and if I wanted to go out I didn't want to change my clothes.


I tried looking for what I wanted and I could not find it anywhere. I looked online and tried every major department store, even the upscale ones. I knew I was on to something when I asked a department store associate if they had any stylish loungewear that had tops with bra support with pants and jackets to match; the associate remorsefully replied, "No." I told her that I was thinking about creating it myself since I could not find what I was looking for. She told me that she has been in retail for 25 years and had not seen anything like that and asked me to hurry up and make it so she can buy it! At that moment I felt that I could help solve a problem that a lot of women may have.


With my inspiration ignited, I began designing the line with the help of a family friend Donna who loves to sew. I gave her some sketches and talked her through exactly what I wanted each piece to look like and she made my ideas come to life. I named the line BraLounger with the help of my daughter. While trying to name the brand, I said to her it’s loungewear with a bra so it’s bra loungewear. She didn’t like that so I shortened it to BraLounger and we both said, that’s it! BraLounger is committed to advocating for cancer patients, survivors, and people that don't have access to quality health care. To honor my mother's legacy and compassionate spirit I will charitably give a portion of BraLounger's proceeds to reputable non-profit organizations that assist underserved communities and local causes that support people in need.  By supporting BraLounger you can make a difference in the quality of life of people in need.  Now you can Lounge with a purpose!  Click on my press page to see who we have helped since our launch in April this year. My husband and both of my daughters will support the brand using their God-given skills of which I’m grateful for. The BraLounger Collection is manufactured in the USA and can be experienced and purchased online through the website BraLounger.com

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